The Fastest Way To Implement Duty Of Care Services

The Sitata API and SDKs enable any organization to bring advanced, duty of care services into their own technology offering.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes can now create superior, end-to-end travel experiences across multiple channels and devices to protect the wellbeing of their travellers and establish the duty of care necessary for travelling in the 21st century.

Travel Alerts

Instant access to Sitata’s trip alert and advisory monitoring service to ensure each and every traveller is aware of events that might disrupt their travels.

Health & Safety Library

Detailed health recommendations for over 200 destinations to ensure your travellers prepare before they leave. Safety and security summaries for each and every destination allow your travellers to understand potential threats to their travels.

Hospital & Clinic Listings

Over 4000 worldwide hospitals and clinics with locations and contact details allow your travellers to seek the help they need when an emergency occurs.


Geolocation endpoints to actively or passively track the position of your travellers and deliver the right information at the right time.


Allow your travellers to check-in to home base on demand or on a regular schedule, optionally revealing their location, should an emergency situation arise.

Software Development Kits

Build a new mobile application and bring your ideas into reality with Sitata’s native SDKs for Android, iOS, and Xamarin.

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