Travel Awareness For The 21st Century

An intelligent notification system to help you stay safe while travelling.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sitata's Travel Watch is the world’s most sophisticated platform for detecting travel disrupting health & safety events to ensure you stay safe, no matter the destination.

Over 10.2 million data points / day

Keep Your Travels Worry Free

Travel Watch monitors the world 24/7 in multiple languages and from hundreds of big data streams to capture the most coverage of global events possible. Whether it’s an airport strike, violent protest, or typhoon, our trip alerts will ensure you enjoy hassle free travels.

24/7 monitoring

Know How to Stay Safe

Each trip alert provides a condensed summary of the travel disrupting event, references, and advice for what to do and how to stay safe.

Instant Awareness

Advanced Global Surveillance, Just For You

Trip Alerts are based on your itinerary or geo-location and sent by SMS, email, or mobile push notification to ensure you or your employees are not disrupted by an event.

Total Travel Protection

Know Exactly Where An Event Is Happening

Our trip alerts are provided with exact geographical coordinates and highlighted regions, which means there is zero question about where an event is occurring.

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